ApplyTo[x,f] or x//=f

computes f[x] and resets x to the result.


  • ApplyTo[x,f] is effectively equivalent to x=x//f or x=f[x].
  • ApplyTo has attribute HoldFirst.
  • In ApplyTo[x,f], x can be a symbol or other expression with an existing value. »


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Basic Examples  (1)

Create a variable with a value:

Use ApplyTo to compute f[x]:

The result is stored in x:

Scope  (5)

Use ApplyTo with an operator form:

Use ApplyTo with Function:

Use ApplyTo with Composition:

Use ApplyTo with RightComposition:

The first argument to ApplyTo need not be a symbol:

Applications  (2)

Use ApplyTo to swap two elements of a list:

The 3 and 5 have been swapped in list:

Construct a matrix:

Use ApplyTo to evaluate the Sin of the second column:

The column was modified in place:

Properties & Relations  (3)

ApplyTo is a combination of Set and function application:

Equivalently, using postfix notation:

ApplyTo can be viewed as the assignment form of Construct:

ApplyTo is a generalization of AddTo, AppendTo and similar functions:

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