Summary of New Features in 13.0

A list of key new features since 12.3, including features experimental in 13.0.

Full list of new features and updates since 12.0 >>

Core Language

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$ContextAliases create aliases referring to context names

Needs (updated) support for context aliases

End (updated), EndPackage (updated) localize context aliases to packages

Contexts  (updated)   ▪  Information  (updated)   ▪  NameQ  (updated)   ▪  Names  (updated) 

Extract (updated) support for general Part specifications

Parallel Computation

ParallelMap (updated) support for progress monitoring of computations

ParallelTable  (updated)   ▪  ParallelDo  (updated)   ▪  ParallelCombine  (updated)   ▪  ...

Compiled Types »

"SparseArray" a sparse array composite type

Low-Level Data Structures »

"ExtensibleVector" a mutable vector supporting efficient append/prepend operations

"DisjointSet" (updated) added efficient insertion and unification of multiple elements

"RingBuffer" (updated) added peeking at the front/back of the buffer

Mathematical Computation

Linear Algebra

Adjugate the adjugate of a matrix

DrazinInverse the Drazin generalized inverse of a square matrix

CoreNilpotentDecomposition block diagonal form with core and nilpotent parts

Polynomial Algebra

PolynomialSumOfSquaresList sums of squares representation of non-negative polynomial

Mathematical Functions

CoulombF, CoulombG the regular and irregular Coulomb wave functions

CoulombH1, CoulombH2 the incoming and outgoing Coulomb wave functions

FoxH (updated) complete set of properties, including derivatives and asymptotics

Function Transformations & Properties

FunctionPoles give the poles of a meromorphic function

FoxHReduce reduction of functions to a FoxH representation

Interval Evaluation for Mathematical Functions

CenteredInterval real and complex centered interval suitable for interval computation

Support for evaluation with centered intervals in 100+ mathematical functions

Cos  (updated)   ▪  Sin  (updated)   ▪    ▪  HypergeometricPFQ  (updated) 

Optimization »

NMinimize (updated) new automatic methods, including difference of convex and subgradient descent for quasi-convex problems

LeastSquares (updated) now has fast sparse method LSQR

"Xpress" optimization function now supports the FICO Xpress solvers


Integrate (updated) improved integration of algebraic functions

Integrate (updated) improved contour integration of meromorphic functions

Differential Equations »

CompleteIntegral complete integrals of first-order PDEs

DSolve (updated) now supports symbolic vector variables

Summation Transforms »

BilateralZTransform bilateral or double-sided Z-transform

InverseBilateralZTransform the inverse transform

Difference Equations

RSolve (updated) can now solve all linear systems with polynomial coefficients

Visualization & Graphics

Vector Visualization »

VectorDisplacementPlot a displacement plot from a 2D vector field

VectorDisplacementPlot3D a displacement plot from a 3D vector field

ListVectorDisplacementPlot  ▪  ListVectorDisplacementPlot3D

Geo Visualization »

GeoGraphValuePlot geo flow visualization

Multipanel Plots

Multipanel support in 15 additional visualization functions.

ListDensityPlot  ▪  ContourPlot  ▪  ListContourPlot  ▪  VectorPlot  ▪  ListVectorPlot  ▪  StreamPlot  ▪  ListStreamPlot  ▪  BarChart  ▪  RectangleChart  ▪  PieChart  ▪  SectorChart  ▪  Histogram  ▪  SmoothHistogram  ▪  DateHistogram

Multiaxis Plots

ListPlot, ListLinePlot (updated) now supports multiple axis layouts

Generalized Visualization Scales

ScalingFunctions (updated) now supports infinite scales

Plot  ▪  Plot3D  ▪  DensityPlot  ▪  ContourPlot  ▪  RegionPlot  ▪  LogPlot  ▪  ComplexPlot  ▪  ComplexPlot3D  ▪  ReImPlot  ▪  AbsArgPlot

ScalingFunctions (updated) now supports date scales

ListPlot  ▪  ListLinePlot  ▪  ListLinePlot3D  ▪  ListDensityPlot  ▪  ListContourPlot  ▪  ListPointPlot3D  ▪  ListStepPlot  ▪  StackedListPlot  ▪  BubbleChart

DateScale general family of date scales

Geometric Computation »

Basic Regions

Torus, FilledTorus unfilled and filled torus regions

Tube (updated) can now be used for computation as a region

CSG Regions

CSGRegion constructive solid geometry region, built by Boolean operations on basic regions

CSGRegionQ  ▪  CSGRegionTree

Data-Derived Regions

RegionFit find a best-fit region (plane, line, sphere, etc.) for a set of points

GradientFittedMesh mesh construction from points by fitting gradients

ConcaveHullMesh mesh construction from points from alpha shapes

Derived Regions

Scale, Rotate, Translate, GeometricTransformation now give geometric regions

Region Relations

FindRegionTransform finds the affine transform from one region to another if one exists

RegionCongruent gives conditions for two regions to be congruent (rigid transform)

RegionSimilar gives conditions for two regions to be similar (rigid + scaling transform)

RegionEqual  (updated)   ▪  RegionDisjoint  (updated)   ▪  RegionWithin  (updated) 

Graphs & Networks »

Graph (updated) directly converts from molecules, trees, data structures, entities, etc.

Graph Isomorphism

IsomorphicSubgraphQ test whether one graph is isomorphic to a subgraph of another

FindSubgraphIsomorphism find the subgraph isomorphism

FindIsomorphicSubgraph find the isomorphic subgraph

FindGraphIsomorphism (updated) dramatically improved performance

IsomorphicGraphQ  (updated)   ▪  GraphAutomorphismGroup  (updated)   ▪  CanonicalGraph  (updated) 

Graph Coloring

FindVertexColoring find minimal vertex coloring

FindEdgeColoring find minimal edge coloring

VertexChromaticNumber  ▪  EdgeChromaticNumber  ▪  ChromaticPolynomial  (updated) 

Planar Graphs

FindPlanarColoring find face coloring for a planar graph layout

PlanarFaceList the faces of a planar graph layout

DualPlanarGraph the dual of a planar graph layout

Control Flow Graphs

DominatorTreeGraph the tree of immediate dominators

DominatorVertexList gives immediate dominators for each vertex



Torus, FilledTorus unfilled and filled torus primitives


DirectionalLight directional light for parts or whole graphics scene

PointLight spherical point light for parts or whole graphics scene

SpotLight conical spot light for parts or whole graphics scene

AmbientLight  ▪  Lighting  (updated) 


AbsoluteOptions (updated) substantially updated implementation

Spatial Statistics »

SpatialEstimate gives a function that can be used to estimate values

VariogramFunction  ▪  SpatialTrendFunction  ▪  SpatialNoiseLevel  ▪  SpatialEstimatorFunction

Variogram Estimation

VariogramModel symbolic model of a variogram

EstimatedVariogramModel model-based variogram estimation

BinnedVariogramList binned variogram estimation

Video Computation »

Video Creation »

SnippetsVideo create a video summary from multiple snippets

TourVideo create a tour from a 2D image or graphics

GridVideo create a grid of videos

OverlayVideo overlay an image or video on top of another

Video Editing

VideoReplace (updated) now accepts an image as a replacement

ImageResize (updated) image operations that now work on video frames as well

ImageTake  ▪  ImageTrim  ▪  ImageCrop  ▪  ImageResize  ▪  ImageRotate  ▪  ImageEffect  ▪  ImageTransformation  ▪  ImageForwardTransformation  ▪  ImagePerspectiveTransformation  ▪  ColorNegate  ▪  Darker  ▪  Lighter  ▪  ImageRecolor

Machine Learning Integration

"VideoFrames" new parameters for frames net encoder

Video Properties & Options

VideoFrameList (updated) now accepts more criteria for picking frames

ConformationMethod specify the method for conforming video frame size

ImageDimensions (updated) get dimensions of video frames

ImageChannels  ▪  ImageAspectRatio  ▪  AudioSampleRate  ▪  AudioChannels

Image Computation »

Image Creation »

AnimatedImage (updated) now can create an animation from a video

Image Geometry »

ImageStitch stitch together a list of images

ImageKeypoints (updated) new SURF and neural net keypoints methods

ImageCorrespondingPoints  (updated)    ▪  FindGeometricTransform  (updated)    ▪  ImageAlign  (updated) 

Color Processing »

RemoveAlphaChannel (updated) now accepts color directives

SetAlphaChannel  (updated)   ▪  AlphaChannel  (updated)   ▪  ColorConvert  (updated)   ▪  ColorSeparate  (updated) 

Machine Learning & Neural Networks

Custom Content Detectors

TrainImageContentDetector efficiently train a custom image content detector

TrainTextContentDetector efficiently train a custom text content detector

ContentDetectorFunction content detector function for repeated use

Dimension Reduction

"UMAP" new dimension reduction method

DimensionReduction  (updated)   ▪  DimensionReduce  (updated)   ▪  FeatureSpacePlot  (updated)   ▪  FeatureSpacePlot3D  (updated) 

Classification and Prediction Explainability

ClassifierMeasurements, PredictorMeasurements "SHAPPlots" and "ICEPlots" properties provide explainability for classification and prediction

Network Training & Encoders

NetTrain  (updated)   ▪  NetEncoder  (updated)   ▪  NetDecoder  (updated) 

Network Surgery

NetUnfold extract a repeating operation in a folded net

NetGraph  (updated)   ▪  FlattenLayer  (updated)   ▪  NetJoin  (updated) 

Network Layers

CompiledLayer (updated) now supports automatic differentiation (AD)

ElementwiseLayer  (updated)   ▪  PartLayer  (updated)   ▪  ResizeLayer  (updated)   ▪  ConvolutionLayer  (updated) 

Import & Export

"ONNX" (updated) support more layer types

Wolfram Neural Net Repository »

NetModel new networks for video action classification, image keypoints, etc.

"MobileNet-3D Video Actions"  ▪  "D2-Net Keypoints"  ▪  ...

Trees »

Traversal Order

TreeTraversalOrder option that controls traversal order in trees

TreeScan  ▪  TreeMap  ▪  TreeLevel  ▪  TreeCases  ▪  TreePosition  ▪  TreeSelect

TreeScan apply a function to all subtrees, discarding outputs

Position and Level Support

TreeMapAt apply a function to the data at given positions

TreeInsert, TreeDelete, TreeReplacePart (updated) now supports lists of full depth positions

TreeSelect (updated) now supports level specifications

TreeMap, TreeLevel (updated) more flexible level specifications

Visualization and Styling

Tree (updated) now supports many styling options

TreeLayout easy to specify tree layouts

TreeElementStyle  ▪  TreeElementLabel

Random Trees

RandomTree (updated) now generates uniform distribution of trees

Date & Time »

Astronomically Precise Dates & Times

TimeSystem option that sets time system (atomic, solar, etc.) used

TimeSystemConvert convert between time systems

DateObject, JulianDate (updated) now support time systems for very precise date and time

Performance & Control

FromDateString (updated) support for time zones in dates with ISO format

DatePlus, DateDifference (updated) detailed controls for computation

Geography »

Core GeoGraphics

GeoGraphics (updated) new default geo background using vector labels

GeoRange (updated) new default, displaying world maps

GeoBackground (updated) support for a list of overlaid geo backgrounds

Geo Primitives

GeoGraphics (updated) support geo primitives in the Epilog option

GeoVisibleRegion, GeoVisibleRegionBoundary (updated) support multilocations

Geographical Data Feeds

FlightData real-time information on airplane flights

PDE Modeling »

Solid Mechanics PDE Components »

SolidMechanicsPDEComponent model solid mechanics

SolidMechanicsStrain  ▪  SolidMechanicsStress  ▪  SolidFixedCondition  ▪  SolidDisplacementCondition  ▪  SolidBoundaryLoadValue


Solid Mechanics monograph about modeling solid mechanics

Solid Mechanics Model Verification test suite with solid mechanics model verification

Systems Modeling & Control

Control Systems »

StateFeedbackGains (updated) now also solves tracking control problems

LQRegulatorGains  (updated)   ▪  DiscreteLQRegulatorGains  (updated)   ▪  EstimatorRegulator  (updated)   ▪  LQGRegulator  (updated) 

System Modeling »

ConnectSystemModelController (updated) supports tracking controllers and improved diagram layouts

SystemModel (updated) improved model diagrams and icons based on vector graphics

Molecular Structure & Computation »

Chemical Formulas

ChemicalFormula symbolic representation for a chemical

FindIsomers find distinct molecules with the same chemical formula

Chemical Reactions

ChemicalReaction representation for a chemical reaction

ReactionBalance computes a chemically balanced reaction

ReactionBalancedQ checks if the given chemical reaction is balanced

Molecular Visualizations & Annotations

MoleculePlot (updated) support for labeling and styling atoms and bonds

AtomLabels  ▪  AtomLabelStyle  ▪  BondLabels

Molecular Pattern Matching

MoleculeFreeQ checks molecule for the absence of substructures

MoleculeMatchQ checks if a molecule matches the given pattern

Biomolecular Sequences

BioSequence (updated) support for sequence collections and hybrid sequences

BioSequenceModify  (updated)   ▪  BioSequenceQ  (updated) 

BioSequencePlot creates schematic diagrams for biomolecular sequences

Importing & Exporting »

FileFormatProperties access file format properties such as mime types, elements, etc.

SetFileFormatProperties  ▪  FileNameToFormatList  ▪  MIMETypeToFormatList

Document Formats »

"PDF" (updated) improved import of PDF pages as vector graphics

Raster Formats »

"OpenEXR" (updated) now supports export with multiple views and different tiling modes

"WebP", "HEIF" (updated) extended support for metadata import

Video Formats »

"FLV" (updated) new support for import to allow conversion to modern formats

"MP4"  ▪  "QuickTime"  ▪  "Ogg"  ▪  "AVI"  ▪  "Matroska"

Scientific Formats »

"NetCDF" (updated) significant improvement in import

"SAS7BDAT" (updated) new support in export

"DTA"  ▪  "SAV"  ▪  "POR"  ▪  "XPORT"

Mail Formats »

"MBOX" (updated) now supports thread analysis elements


StyleHints stylesheet customizations

Automatically Entering Paired Delimiters workflow for typing paired delimiters into code

Wolfram|Alpha notebooks support 2D typesetting input

Help system supports documentationless installation option by help pages on the web

Question & Answer Interfaces

QuestionInterface interface specification for answering questions

QuestionObject (updated) new interface types and visual design

CreateNotebook (updated) add "QuestionNotebook" notebook type

Knowledgebase Entity Types

PhysicalQuantity entity type to represent physical quantities

External Interfaces & Deployment

Symbolic Webpage Layout

WebItem represents an HTML element containing an expression

InterfaceSwitched defines a responsive interface for deployed webpages

WebRow  ▪  WebColumn

Remote Batch Computation

"AzureBatch" submit remote batch jobs to the Azure Batch service

Cardano Blockchain »

BlockchainData  ▪  BlockchainBlockData  ▪  BlockchainTransactionData  ▪  BlockchainAddressData  ▪  BlockchainTokenData  ▪  BlockchainTransaction  ▪  BlockchainTransactionSign  ▪  BlockchainTransactionSubmit

Cloud Capabilities

Cloud Computation

CloudExpression (updated) performance and reliability improvements

Cloud Authentication

$RequesterCloudUserID gives the user ID for the user making a cloud request

$RequesterCloudUserUUID gives the user UUID for the user making a cloud request