resizes a matrix of size c0×n0 to be size c0×n.


resizes an array of dimensions c0×h0×w0 to be size c0×h×w.

Details and Options

  • ResizeLayer treats the first dimension as a channel dimension, which remains unchanged.
  • ResizeLayer performs linear interpolation if there is one remaining dimension and bilinear interpolation if there are two remaining dimensions.
  • In ResizeLayer[{d1,,dn}], any of the di can be one of the following:
  • nscale dimension to be size n
    Scaled[r]scale dimension to be a ratio r of the original size
    Allleave the dimension unchanged
  • ResizeLayer[][input] explicitly computes the output from applying the layer.
  • ResizeLayer[][{input1,input2,}] explicitly computes outputs for each of the inputi.
  • When given a NumericArray as input, the output will be a NumericArray.
  • ResizeLayer is typically used inside NetChain, NetGraph, etc.
  • ResizeLayer exposes the following ports for use in NetGraph etc.:
  • "Input"an array
    "Output"an array of the same rank as the input
  • The following optional parameters can be included:
  • ResamplingAutomaticresampling method
  • Possible explicit settings for the Resampling method include:
  • "Linear"piecewise linear interpolation
    "Nearest"nearest neighbor
  • When the Resampling method is "Nearest", only the special cases of ResizeLayer[{Scaled[n]}] and ResizeLayer[{Scaled[n],Scaled[n]}], where n is a positive integer, are currently implemented.
  • When it cannot be inferred from other layers in a larger net, the option "Input"{d1,,dn} can be used to fix the input of ResizeLayer to be an array of dimensions d1××dn.
  • Options[ResizeLayer] gives the list of default options to construct the layer. Options[ResizeLayer[]] gives the list of default options to evaluate the layer on some data.
  • Information[ResizeLayer[]] gives a report about the layer.
  • Information[ResizeLayer[],prop] gives the value of the property prop of ResizeLayer[]. Possible properties are the same as for NetGraph.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Create a ResizeLayer that resizes a three-dimensional array to be of size c×8×8:

Create a ResizeLayer that resizes a matrix to be of size c×2:

Apply the layer to an input matrix (where c is 1):

Scope  (2)

Create a ResizeLayer that resizes a three-dimensional array to be a specific size:

Apply the layer to an input:

Plot the result:

Construct a ResizeLayer that preserves the height and multiplies the width of an input image by 1.5:

Apply the layer to an image:

Thread the layer across a batch of images:

Introduced in 2017
Updated in 2017