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returns lists of file formats corresponding to all registered file name patterns.


returns a list of file formats that matches the file name "file".


  • FileNameToFormatList returns a list of all formats {"fmt1",} in the order that they are considered to be used as the format for the file given in the specified pattern.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Get the formats associated with a specific filename:

Get the formats association to an extension:

Scope  (1)

Get the association of all file name pattern mappings:

Properties & Relations  (4)

Filename and extension mapping is case insensitive:

A file name could match different formats:

FileFormat uses this list as a starting point to make a guess:

The first format returned by FileNameToFormatList is used by default in Export:

Specify a different export format:

It is possible to create a file with an incorrect extension. Create a PNG file with a .jpg extension:

FileNameToFormatList only looks at the file name:

FileFormat uses more sophisticated heuristics to determine the correct format:

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