is an option for Dataset that specifies an overall theme for a dataset and its elements.


  • DatasetThemetheme effectively sets the default values for multiple dataset options.
  • Explicit Dataset options will override any settings set by theme.
  • DatasetTheme{theme1,theme2,} will automatically combine theme1, theme2, etc.
  • Possible settings for DatasetTheme include:
  • Automaticautomatically adapt to background and stylesheet
    "name"explicit dataset theme
  • Base themes affect the whole dataset and are typically used as a single setting. For special effects or situations, they can be combined with feature themes.
  • Common base themes include:
  • "Business"a bright, modern look appropriate for business presentations or infographics
    "Detailed"emphasize the structure of data using backgrounds and dividers
    "Marketing"elegant, eye-catching design suitable for marketing needs
    "Minimal"bare-bones design with minimal structural elements
    "Monochrome"single-color design for printing and accessibility
    "Scientific"candid design useful for analyzing detailed data without overbearing colors
    "Web"clean, bold design suitable for a consumer website or blog
    "Classic"historical design of datasets to remain compatible with existing uses
  • Feature themes affect specific aspects of a dataset and are typically used in combination with a base theme or together with other feature themes.
  • Font feature themes affect dataset headers and content. Themes include:
  • "Bold"bold font
    "BoldHeaders"bold font headers
    "BoldItems"bold font content
    "Italic"italic font
    "Large"large font
    "Small"small font
    "Sans"sans font
    "Serif"serif font
    "StrongHeaders"emphasised headers
    "WeakHeaders"de-emphasised headers
  • Divider feature themes affect dataset dividers. Themes include:
  • "RowDividers"row dividers only
    "ColumnDividers"column dividers only
    "GroupDividers"dividers that group low-level blocks
    "FullDividers"row and column dividers
  • Background feature themes affect dataset backgrounds. Themes include:
  • "AlternatingRowBackgrounds"top-level row backgrounds striped
    "AlternatingColumnBackgrounds"top-level column backgrounds striped
    "AlternatingRowColumnBackgrounds"top-level row and column backgrounds striped
    "AlternatingLeafRowItemBackgrounds"lowest-level row backgrounds striped
    "AlternatingAllRowBackgrounds"row backgrounds striped at all levels
  • Layout feature themes affect how datasets elements are arranged. Themes include:
  • "VerticalColumnHeaders"orient column header text vertically
  • Background and divider feature themes can be parameterized with style information.


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Basic Examples  (3)

Use the default theme:

Use a detailed theme with striped row backgrounds:

Use a small minimal theme with de-emphasized headers:

Scope  (10)

Base Themes  (5)

Use a base theme:

Use a base theme with striped row backgrounds:

Use a base theme with a clean, minimalist appearance:

Use a base theme with dark backgrounds:

Combine a base theme with a feature theme for a customized presentation:

Parameterized Themes  (5)

Specify the color to be used for row striping:

Specify colors for both rows and columns:

Use cyclic colors for row striping:

Specify the styles of dividers:

Combine a base theme with a parametrized theme:

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