is a two-dimensional graphics directive specifying that obj should be used to fill faces of polygons and other filled graphics objects.


uses the specified pattern "name".


specifies the size of the object obj.


moves the object obj by the offset {dx,dy}.


  • PatternFilling is also known as rectangular tiling.
  • PatternFilling is typically used to fill polygons and areas with repeated rectangular patterns.
  • Possible patterns include:
  • PatternFilling[{"name",style,color},] specifies that faces of filled graphics objects are to be drawn using the predefined pattern "name" with the specified style and background color.
  • In PatternFilling[obj,], the object obj can be a 2D graphic or an image.
  • With PatternFilling[obj,{w,h}], the object obj will always be drawn in a w×h region and will be sized to fit in the region.
  • PatternFilling[obj,{w,h},{dx,dy}] moves obj by the absolute offset {dx,dy} in the whole w×h region.
  • ImageScaled can be used to specify the size and is taken to be fractions of the default image size.
  • PatternFilling[obj] is effectively equivalent to PatternFilling[obj,ImageScaled[.2]].
  • PatternFilling[obj] is equivalent to PatternFilling[Rasterize[obj]] and will rasterize obj at the size and resolution it would normally be displayed in a notebook.


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Basic Examples  (3)

Apply a checkerboard pattern to a disk:

Fill between two curves:

Show a map of the US with its flag:

Scope  (13)

Basic Uses  (6)

Apply pattern filling to graphics primitives:

Apply pattern filling to a plot:

Apply pattern filling to a chart:

Style a geometric region:

Show a schematic outline map:

Summary box:

Specification  (7)

PatternFilling works on 2D graphics:

PatternFilling using 2D images:

Predefined patterns:

Style a predefined pattern:

Add a background:

Pattern sizes by a fraction of the whole image:

Patterns with absolute sizes:

Offset patterns:

Applications  (7)

Design Patterns  (6)

A checkerboard pattern:

Filling a rectangle:

A circle pattern:

Filling a regular polygon:

A diamond pattern:

Filling a regular polygon:

A space-filling curve:

Filling an annulus:

A hatch pattern:

Fill between two curves:

A crosshatch pattern:

Fill to the axis:

Transforming Patterns  (1)

Show a map with a motif:

Use a transparent background:

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