gives a list of squarefree factors of a polynomial, together with their exponents.


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Basic Examples  (2)

List square-free factors of a polynomial:

List irreducible factors of a polynomial:

Scope  (3)

A univariate polynomial:

A multivariate polynomial:

A rational function:

Options  (4)

Extension  (2)

By default algebraic number coefficients are treated as independent variables:

With Extension->Automatic algebraic dependencies between coefficients are recognized:

Modulus  (1)

Find square-free factors over the integers modulo 2:

Trig  (1)

List multiple factors in a trigonometric expression:

Applications  (1)

Remove root multiplicities:

Properties & Relations  (3)

FactorSquareFreeList gives a list of square-free factors:

This multiplies the factors together:

FactorSquareFree gives a product of factors:

Expand combines all the factors back together:

FactorList gives a list of irreducible factors:

A univariate polynomial has multiple factors if and only if its Discriminant is zero:

FactorInteger gives a list of prime factors of an integer:

Introduced in 1988