displays expr with text underlined with a squiggly red underline.


displays squiggly using the specified color.

Details and Options


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Basic Examples  (3)

Display text with a red squiggly underline:

Use a green squiggly underline:

Squiggle text in a list:

Squiggle a single element of a list:

Scope  (4)

Squiggle text in any expression:

By default, the typeset form of Squiggled[expr] evaluates to itself:

This can be changed using the option StripOnInput:

Squiggle text within graphics:

Squiggle text within Graphics3D:

Options  (9)

Background  (1)

Specify a background color to use:

FontColor  (2)

Specify a font color to use:

Combine emphasis with custom background and font color specifications:

FontFamily  (1)

Specify a font family to use:

FontSize  (1)

Specify a font size to use:

FontSlant  (1)

Use italics within the squiggled expression:

FontWeight  (1)

Specify a font weight to use:

StripOnInput  (2)

Create a squiggled output that evaluates to the first argument of Squiggled:

When the output is used as input, the Squiggled wrapper disappears:

When the hold is released, evaluation proceeds normally:

An explicit setting StripOnInput False is preserved when the output is used as input:

Applications  (3)

Squiggle words that do not appear in the spelling dictionaries:

Squiggle snowfall totals from Buffalo that fall outside one standard deviation of the mean snowfall:

Create an integral in which the integrand is squiggled:

The output can be used as input to evaluate the integral:

Properties & Relations  (1)

Highlighted provides an alternative highlighting idiom:

Possible Issues  (2)

Invalid color specifications will typeset without a squiggle:

Squiggled may not propagate to text nested within other typeset expressions, such as Graphics:

Wrap Squiggled tightly around the expression to format to avoid this:

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