gives the difference of the regions reg1 and reg2.

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Basic Examples  (2)

Difference of two disks:

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Difference of two MeshRegion objects:

Scope  (12)

Special Regions  (6)

For some regions, the difference is computed explicitly:

The regions are disjoint:

Here the difference is empty:

The cuboid is contained in the ball:

A difference of Line regions:

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A difference of Polygon regions:

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A difference of two Cuboid regions:

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A difference of regions with different RegionDimension:

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Formula Regions  (2)

A difference of ImplicitRegion objects is an ImplicitRegion:




A difference of ParametricRegion objects:

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Mesh Regions  (2)

A difference of BoundaryMeshRegion objects is a BoundaryMeshRegion:



A difference of full-dimensional MeshRegion objects is a MeshRegion:



Derived Regions  (2)

A difference of BooleanRegion objects:

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A difference of TransformedRegion objects:

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Applications  (4)

Difference of regions:

Define a disk annulus as the difference of two disks:

The area is the difference of areas:

Define a ball shell (sometimes called spherical shell) as the generalization of an annulus to 3D:

The volume is the difference of volumes:

Create illusory contours:

Properties & Relations  (5)

A point p belongs to RegionDifference[reg1,reg2] if it belongs to reg1 but not reg2:

Use RegionMember to test membership:

RegionDifference is a Boolean combination ¬#2#1 of two regions:

RegionSymmetricDifference can be found using RegionUnion and RegionDifference:

The RegionDimension of a difference is at most that of the first input:

It can be less, however:

This difference is a line segment, and thus has dimension 1:

If two regions are disjoint, the RegionMeasure of their difference is that of the first input:

If they overlap, you must subtract the measure of the RegionIntersection:

Possible Issues  (1)

Difference is defined only for regions with the same RegionEmbeddingDimension:

Neat Examples  (1)

The difference of two spiral polygons:

Introduced in 2014
Updated in 2017