represents a managed object.


  • ManagedObject is returned by functions such as CreateManagedObject.
  • Only active managed objects evaluate the freeing function when they are no longer referenced.
  • Managed objects can be inactivated with UnmanageObject.
  • Information for a ManagedObject may include the following properties:
  • "Active"True if the object is actively being managed
    "BaseValue"the base value
    "FreeingFunction"the freeing function
    "Value"the value
  • Properties can be accessed with ManagedObject[][prop].
  • Properties that can be extracted include all Information properties listed above.
  • Many functions that expect pointer objects will automatically unwrap managed expressions containing pointers.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Create a managed object:

Get the contained expression:

f[expr] is evaluated once the managed object is no longer referenced:

Scope  (1)

Information  (1)

Create a managed object:

Get Information about the object:

Get the value of the managed object:

Get the freeing function of the object:

List the operations available to this object:

Properties & Relations  (3)

Create a managed object:

To stop managing the object, use UnmanageObject:

The ManagedObject is no longer active:

Functions like RawMemoryAllocate return a managed RawPointer:

The freeing function is RawMemoryFree:

Export a string as raw memory:

Read the value stored in the pointer:

Many functions will automatically unwrap managed pointers:

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