locates all cells with the specified tag in your current input notebook, selecting the cells and scrolling to the position of the first one.


if necessary opens the notebook stored in file, then locates cells with the specified tag.


  • NotebookLocate[{File["file"],"tag"}] is also supported.
  • NotebookLocate sets the current selection to contain all cells with the specified tag.
  • If the cells are in closed groups, NotebookLocate will open all these groups.
  • NotebookLocate is used for following hyperlinks within one notebook or between notebooks.
  • NotebookLocate searches for tags in the list given as the setting for the CellTags option of each cell.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Find the cell with the tag "t"; the notebook autoscrolls:

Scope  (1)

Create a notebook, then go to the cell tagged "t0":

Locate more than one cell with the same tag:

Applications  (1)

Cell tags identify a cell as a target for navigation controls:

A button to find the cell in this document with label "t":

Possible Issues  (1)

When more than one cell has the target tag, you might only see the first one:

But an operation on the selected cells also acts on those you do not see:

Introduced in 1996
Updated in 2016