is an option for Cell and Notebook that holds the assigned unique UUID string.


  • ExpressionUUID is managed automatically by the front end and cannot be manually assigned, queried or inherited as a typical notebook front end option.
  • All notebooks and cells have an ExpressionUUID option written to the file when the file is saved.
  • Functions that read the contents of open notebook windows such as NotebookGet and NotebookRead will not include the value of ExpressionUUID in their results. This helps to ensure that a UUID does not get reused when programmatically modifying notebooks using such commands.
  • The UUID designated by ExpressionUUID is the same as the one used in the first argument of NotebookObject and CellObject to uniquely identify a given instance of a cell.


Basic Examples  (1)

Query the ExpressionUUID of a cell using Developer`CellInformation:

Use NotebookLocate to locate the cell with the given ExpressionUUID:

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