gets the raw expression corresponding to the notebook represented by the notebook object obj.


gets the raw expression corresponding to the currently selected notebook.

Details and Options

  • NotebookGet allows you to take a notebook that is open in the front end, and get the raw expression corresponding to it in the kernel.
  • NotebookGet returns an expression with head Notebook, containing Cell expressions and boxes data.
  • NotebookGet[NotebookOpen[file]] returns the same expression as Get[file].


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Basic Examples  (1)

First create a small sample notebook to operate on:

Get the notebook expression of the small sample notebook:

Applications  (1)

Find subsection titles:

Change Subsection-style cells to Section style:

Properties & Relations  (1)

NotebookRead reads only the selected part of a notebook:

NotebookGet always gets the whole notebook:

Introduced in 1996