Database Connectivity

The Wolfram Language includes powerful capabilities for working with many types of external databases, including relational (SQL), object store (NoSQL) and triple store (RDF/SPARQL). Wolfram Language entity stores are also closely integrated with relational databases, allowing many analysis operations specified in the Wolfram Language to be automatically executed in external relational databases.

Wolfram Language Data Representation »

Dataset tabular and/or hierarchical data

EntityStore entity-based data/knowledgebase

List  ▪  Association  ▪  Quantity  ▪  DateObject  ▪  GeoPosition  ▪  Graph  ▪  ...

Accessing Relational Database Information »

RelationalDatabase symbolic representation of a relational database and its schema

EntityClass representation of a table or virtual table in a database

EntityValue, entity[property] extract values by performing a database query

EntityFunction pure function representation of a database expression or subquery

FilteredEntityClass  ▪  SortedEntityClass  ▪  AggregatedEntityClass  ▪  ...

Direct SQL Execution

ExternalEvaluate run an SQL command in a database and return the result

StartExternalSession open an external database connection

"SQL"  ▪  "SQL-JDBC"  ▪  RegisterExternalEvaluator

Low-Level SQL Read-Write Database Operations (DatabaseLink) »

OpenSQLConnection connect to any JDBC-compatible SQL database

SQLSelect  ▪  SQLUpdate  ▪  SQLInsert  ▪  SQLDelete  ▪  ...

SQLExecute execute any SQL command, generating Wolfram Language output

DatabaseExplorer use a GUI to explore databases and generate notebooks

NoSQL Read-Write Database Operations (MongoDBLink) »

MongoConnect connect to a MongoDB database

MongoCollectionFind  ▪  MongoCursorNext  ▪  ...

MongoCollectionAggregate perform data aggregation operations on a collection

MongoCollectionInsert  ▪  MongoCollectionDeleteMany  ▪  ...

Graph Database Operations (GraphStore) »

RDFStore representation of RDF data

SPARQLExecute run a SPARQL query against an external SPARQL endpoint

SPARQLQuery  ▪  SPARQLSelect  ▪  SPARQLPropertyPath  ▪  SPARQLInsert  ▪  ...

Importing Database Dumps

Import import entire MDB, RDF etc. database dumps