Database Connectivity

The Wolfram Language has a built-in high-level interface to all standard SQL databases that allows immediate searching, reading, and writing of arbitrary data and expressions, as well as supporting general SQL database features, including discovery, result sets, and transactions.

Dataset represent the contents of an SQL or NoSQL database

SQL Database Operations »

OpenSQLConnection connect to any JDBC-compatible SQL database

SQLSelect  ▪  SQLUpdate  ▪  SQLInsert  ▪  SQLDelete  ▪  ...

SQLExecute execute any SQL command, generating Wolfram Language output

SQLTableNames  ▪  SQLTableInformation  ▪  SQLDataTypeNames  ▪  ...

SQLBeginTransaction  ▪  SQLResultSetOpen  ▪  ...

NoSQL Database Operations (MongoDB) »

MongoConnect connect to a MongoDB database

MongoCollectionFind  ▪  MongoCursorNext  ▪  ...

MongoCollectionAggregate perform data aggregation operations on a collection

MongoCollectionInsert  ▪  MongoCollectionDeleteMany  ▪  ...

DatabaseExplorer use a GUI to explore databases and generate notebooks

Import import entire MDB etc. databases

SemanticImport import semantically, converting to Wolfram Language representations

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