generates an audible beep when evaluated.


beeps and populates the Why the Beep dialog with message.

Details and Options

  • Beep generates sound through the notebook front end.
  • Beep[message] generates a beep and provides the string message to the Help Why the Beep? dialog, leaving the dialog closed by default.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Make a beep:

Produce a beep and provide a message for the Why the Beep dialog:

Applications  (1)

Beep before each calculation:

Properties & Relations  (1)

Use ToString with a second argument to create string messages that contain arbitrary typesetting:

Possible Issues  (4)

Only string messages are supported:

If the given message is too long, it may be truncated:

The global settings for MessageOptions can change the behavior of Beep[message]:

The front end may not produce every requested beep if the requests are too frequent.

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