is a construct for use inside AskFunction that asks for a new value, appends it to the current value associated with "key", and returns the resulting list.


uses formspec to define how input should be requested and interpreted.


  • If there is no value yet associated with "key", AskAppend will put the new value it obtains in a list.
  • Executing AskAppend again with the same key will append each new value to the list associated with the key.
  • If there is an existing value associated with "key" that was obtained from Ask, AskAppend will put this value in a list before appending a new value.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Ask a question several times, appending each answer to a list:

Use AskAppend to accumulate inputs:

Properties & Relations  (2)

Using Ask before AskAppend will result in the first answer being wrapped in a list before appending the result:

Using Ask after AskAppend will result in the currently known list of values being returned without a form being presented:

Introduced in 2016