As of Version 11.2, ScheduledTasks has been superseded by the more general function Tasks.


returns a list of ScheduledTaskObject and CloudObject expressions that represent current tasks.


  • Tasks are created by functions such as CreateScheduledTask, RunScheduledTask, and ScheduledTask.
  • ScheduledTasks yields all scheduled tasks, including scheduled tasks in the cloud. By default, it does not list tasks associated with document generators.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Display a list of currently set tasks:

Create a task:

Remove the task:

Remove all tasks:

Options  (1)

IncludeGeneratorTasks  (1)

By default, ScheduledTasks will list local tasks and cloud tasks unaffiliated with document generators. Use the IncludeGeneratorTasks option to control inclusion.

Deploy a document generator:

Retrieve metadata for the task associated with the generator:

The task is not present in the default listing:

The task is present in the augmented listing:

Delete the generator:

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