As of Version 12.0, VertexCoordinateRules has been superseded by VertexCoordinates.


is an option for GraphPlot and related functions which specifies rules for determining the coordinates at which vertices should be placed.


  • VertexCoordinateRules->{va->ra,vb->rb,} specifies explicit coordinates for vertices with names va, vb, .
  • Vertices whose coordinates are not explicitly specified in the rules given by VertexCoordinateRules are automatically assigned coordinates by the graph layout procedure.
  • A setting vk->Automatic specifies that the vertex with name vk should be assigned coordinates automatically.
  • vk->{x,Automatic} defines an explicit x coordinate, but specifies that the y coordinate should be assigned automatically. vk->{Automatic,y} defines instead an explicit y coordinate.
  • The rules given for VertexCoordinateRules can contain arbitrary patterns.
  • The range of coordinates generated automatically is determined by the setting for the DataRange option.


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Basic Examples  (4)

Specify coordinates for all vertices:

Specify coordinates for all vertices using just the coordinates:

Specify coordinates for some vertices:

Specify coordinates for coordinates:

Applications  (2)

Visualize a connected bipartite graph by fixing the coordinates of the layout:

Draw a disconnected bipartite graph by linking every left and right node with phantom nodes:

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