WSShutdownLinkServer (C Function)

void WSShutdownLinkServer(WSLinkServer s)

stops the TCPIP link server interface represented by the link server object s.


  • In the normal course of using the Wolfram Symbolic Transfer Protocol, connections made between processes function on a one-to-one standard, meaning that when program A connects to program B, only A and B can use the communication endpoints established between A and B. This one-to-one model differs from a traditional client/server communication model where a server advertises a connection in a one-to-many mode where the server has one connection and many clients connect to that one connection. The WSTP link server functionality allows the user to create a program that offers a one-to-many connection using the Wolfram Symbolic Transfer Protocol.
  • You can think of WSShutdownLinkServer() as doing WSClose() on the server end of the link.


Basic Examples  (1)

#include "wstp.h"

void operateLinkServer(WSENV env)
    int error;
    WSLinkServer linkServer;
    WSLINK theLink;

    linkServer = WSNewLinkServer(env, NULL /* No context object for
        this example */, &error);
    if(error != WSEOK)
    { /* Handle error */ }

    theLink = WSWaitForNewLinkFromLinkserver(linkServer, &error);
    if(theLink == (WSLINK)0 || error != WSEOK)
    { /* Handle error */ }