If you open a Wolfram Notebook that contains Dynamic content, you may get a warning banner at the top that looks like this:

Because Dynamic can execute potentially harmful code without your awareness, Dynamic content is disabled (indicated by the grayed-out areas) until you click Enable Dynamics.

You can turn off the dynamic content warning for notebooks that reside in trusted directories that you designate.

  • Dynamic content is contained in the output of explicit Dynamic expressions, as well as the output of Manipulate, natural-language input boxes, and other constructs.

Open the trusted directories editor

Choose , select the Security tab, and click Edit Trusted Directories:

Add trusted directories

Click Add to add a trusted directory:

Open notebooks in trusted directories

When you open a notebook in one of your trusted directories, you will not get the dynamic content warning:


You can turn off dynamic content warnings entirely by choosing Always Trust in the Preferences Security panel. If you do so, dynamic code in notebooks you open will be executed without warning. Malicious code could cause harm to your system: