Connect the Wolfram Cloud to Google Drive

Use the CloudConnector for Google Drive to read, edit and evaluate Wolfram Notebooks directly from Google Drive.

Navigate the menu

Go to your Google Drive, click the New button and navigate to Connect more apps:

Connect the Wolfram Cloud app to Google Drive

Search wolfram to find the CloudConnector for Google Drive app, click the connect button, then click OK to confirm:

Use the app to open a Wolfram Notebook

Choose a Wolfram Notebook from your Google Drive to open and double-click the icon to edit the notebook, then click the Drive button to save the current state:

  • Additionally, the notebook automatically saves when you close the browser tab.


If you are not signed into the Wolfram Cloud, you will need to authenticate before you can access your notebook from Google Drive.
Using the app for the first time, you will need to grant permission to access your Google Drive.