Customize the Behavior of Form Notebook Submission

Use any combination of data manipulation, interface creation, cloud APIs, or other Wolfram Language expression to affect the Form Notebooks generated data.

Set up a Form Notebook

From the menu, open a new Form Authoring Notebook at File New Programmatic Notebook Form Notebook Authoring:

Add radio buttons as content from Insert F orm Element Radio Buttons:

Edit the radio button labels and interpreter information:

Radio button selection information will be scraped upon user submission.

Customize Form Notebook submission behavior

Open the settings and choose Custom under the submission button action:

Add a custom function that publishes a BarChart of the radio button information to the Wolfram Cloud:

This action will execute when a user submits the Form Notebook.

Generate and submit the Form Notebook

Select Generate to create the Form Notebook, then fill it out and submit it:

Upon submission, SystemOpen will take you to the published CloudObject :