Create headers and footers to display when a notebook is printed.

Using the File Menu...

Create content with page breaks

Use Plot to create a few plots and insert page breaks between them:

Export the notebook to PDF

Go to File Save As () and save the notebook as a PDF:

Preview the PDF

Open the PDF file to examine the default placement of headers and footers:

  • By default, headers are not placed on the first page, with the subsequent pages alternating between top-left corner and top-right corner to denote left-hand and right-hand pages.
  • By default, footers are not used.

Change the headers and footers

From the menu, select File Printing Settings Headers and Footers to open up an interactive interface to change the headers and footers:

For the left-hand pages, add a centered footer that contains the file name and choose to display headers on the first page:

For the right-hand pages, move the header to the top-left corner and add a centered footer that contains the file name:

The headers and footers on both the right-hand pages and left-hand pages should now match.

Preview the PDF with updated settings

Re-export the PDF file and open it to examine the new placement of headers and footers: