Upgrade Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud via a Command-Line Interface

Sign in to the Wolfram User Portal

Begin by signing in to the Wolfram User Portal:

Navigate to the Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud (EPC) downloads page

Select My Products and Services and click Get downloads for Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud (EPC):

Download the latest version of Wolfram EPC

In the Downloads section at the bottom of the page, select Current Version and click the Download button for Wolfram EPC:

Transfer the downloaded update to your EPC

Move the update file you downloaded onto your EPC:

$ sudo scp WolframEPC-*.**.*.tar cloud@YourEPC:/wolframcloud/updates
  • There are multiple ways to transfer the file. Pick the one that works best for your needs.

Connect to EPC using ssh

$ ssh cloud@YourEPC

Update EPC

Go to the updater directory:

$ cd /home/cloud/updater

Run the update command:

$ sudo fab update

Select the update version to use:

Select which components to install:

For optimal performance, accepting the defaults is strongly recommended.

  • You can expect the upgrade to take around 15 minutes.
  • It is recommended to automatically back up your important data with a cloning process.

Configure the updated EPC

When the update has completed, configure EPC:

$ fab configure

Configuration will prompt for the database user name and password.

Restart system services

When configuration has completed, restart system services:

$ fab restart_all

Your EPC is now upgraded and operational.