Upgrade Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud via Management Desktop

Sign in to the Wolfram User Portal

Begin by signing in to the Wolfram User Portal:

Navigate to the Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud (EPC) downloads page

Select My Products and Services and click Get downloads for Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud (EPC):

Download the latest version of Wolfram EPC

In the Downloads section at the bottom of the page, select Current Version and click the Download button for Wolfram EPC:

Transfer the downloaded update to your EPC

Move the update file you downloaded onto your EPC:

Connect to the EPC graphical interface

Using your virtual machine client (for example, Oracle VM VirtualBox, VNC Viewer, Mac Screensharing tool), connect to the EPC graphical interface. Log in to EPC Management Desktop if prompted:

Update EPC

Click Update Cloud and answer prompts. In normal circumstances, accepting the defaults is recommended:

Configure the updated EPC

Once the update has completed, click Configure Cloud to open the configuration notebook. Check your configuration and make changes if desired. On the last page of the configuration notebook, click the three red configuration buttons consecutively:

Once the final button has finished restarting services, your EPC is upgraded and operational.

If your EPC has internet connectivity, you can also access the User Portal via Firefox on the Management Desktop.