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Specifying a Preferred ViewArranging the Windows
Switching between Windows

Class windows use three views to represent different aspects of a class:

Specifying a Preferred View

The default view of the class window, when a class window is opened, is determined by the class specialization. For example, the default view of a package is the Icon View, while the default view of a model is the Diagram View. The default view for a specific class can be overridden. This is done from the Class Properties dialog, reachable by right-clicking any empty space in the Icon View or the Diagram View of the class and choosing Class Properties from the popup menu.

Switching between Windows

It is possible to have several class windows open at the same time. A list of open class windows is found in the Window menu. By clicking one of the window titles in the menu, the window will become the active class window.

A more convenient way of switching between open class windows is to use the Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab combination of keys. A list of all open class windows appears as soon as Tab is pressed with Ctrl down.


Selecting an active class window using the class window switcher.

The list of windows is kept in an order with the most recently used window at the top. While Ctrl is down, Tab may be pressed and released repeatedly, combined with Shift if desired, to cycle through the list of windows. The window list remains open until Ctrl is released.

The tabs below the toolbar can also be used to switch between open class windows.

Arranging the Windows

The order of the tabs below the toolbar can be rearranged by dragging the tabs with the mouse.