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FMIFMU Export and Import

FMU ExportFMU Import

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System Modeler supports:

FMU Export

To export a class as an FMU, choose File Export FMU. This will open up the FMU Export dialog box.


Exporting an FMU.

The FMU Export dialog box contains a set of export options for the FMU:

FMU Import

To import an FMU, choose File Import FMU and select the FMU file. This will open up the Import FMU dialog with information about the selected FMU. It is also possible to trigger the import dialog by dragging and dropping the FMU anywhere on the main window in Model Center.

During the import, a wrapper model is created for the FMU. The wrapper model will mirror the variables and parameters in the FMU. The Options section of the FMU Import dialog allows control of which variables will be present in the created model and how variable and parameter names in the FMU are translated to Modelica identifiers.

Content of the FMU Import dialog box:


Importing an FMU.