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Model CenterMessages and Translation Views

Indication of New Unread MessagesClearing Messages

The Messages view and the Translation view are non-interactive views used to display results of various operations. The Messages view is also used to report certain types of errors in a Modelica class, such as syntax errors and unresolved references.

The Messages view and the Translation view are located in the bottom area of Model Center. The Messages view is visible by default but can be hidden by right-clicking the tab and choosing Close. To show the view if hidden, choose View Messages.

The Translation view is not visible by default but will become visible whenever an operation using the view is initiated, such as validating a Modelica class.


Validation results in the Translation view.

Indication of New Unread Messages

Should the Messages or Translation view not be visible at the time a message is output, a number within brackets will follow directly after its title in the tab. This number indicates the total number of new unread messages. This number will be cleared as soon as the view becomes visible again.

For more critical errors, the Messages view will automatically become visible when the error message is output.


Free text search is available in the Messages view by choosing Find from the Edit menu.

Clearing Messages

The views can be cleared (all messages removed) by right-clicking anywhere within the view and choosing Clear All.