Super-sample the clocked Real input signal and provide it linearly interpolated as clocked output signal (this is also called an Interpolator)

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This information is part of the Modelica Standard Library maintained by the Modelica Association.

This block super-samples the clocked Real input signal u and provides it linearly interpolated between the u-values as clocked output signal y.

To be more precise: The clock of y is factor-times faster than the clock of u. At every tick of the clock of y, the value of y is set to the value of the linearly interpolated value between the last available values of u. The first activation of the clock of y coincides with the first activation of the clock of u. By default, the super-sampling factor is inferred, that is, it must be defined somewhere else. If parameter inferFactor = false, then the super-sampling factor is defined by Integer parameter factor.

For control applications, this block is better suited as block SuperSample since it does not induce "vibrations".


The following example samples a sine signal with a periodic clock of 20 ms period, and then super-samples the resulting clocked signal with a factor of 3 and interpolates the result linearly:

SuperSampleInterpolated_Model.png     SuperSampleInterpolated_Result.png
model simulation result

As can be seen, block superSampleIpo introduces 3 additional clock ticks for the output y and determines the values at these clock ticks, so that the last two available values of the input u are linearly interpolated. The super-sampling factor = 3 is displayed in the icon of the superSampleIpo block. Note the up-arrow in the icon of the SuperSampleInterpolation block indicates that the clock of superSampleIpo.y is faster as the clock of superSampleIpo.u.

Parameters (2)


Value: true

Type: Boolean

Description: = true, if super-sampling factor is inferred


Value: 1

Type: Integer

Description: Super-sampling factor >= 1 (if inferFactor=false)

Connectors (2)


Type: RealInput

Description: Connector of clocked, Real input signal


Type: RealOutput

Description: Connector of clocked, Real output signal

Used in Examples (2)



Example of a SuperSampleInterpolated block for Real signals



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