Version 0.91 (Sept. 20, 2012)

Wolfram Language



This information is part of the Modelica Standard Library maintained by the Modelica Association.

First version of the library provided on the Modelica web page. Changes with respect to version 0.9:

  • The library has been slightly restructured.
  • Documentation has been significantly enhanced (nearly all elements of the library are documented now).
  • Simple examples have been added for many blocks of the library in the new package Examples.Elementary. These blocks have been used to generate the figures in the documentation of many blocks. Furthermore, they are used for testing these blocks.

The library has been tested with Dymola 2013 FD01:

  • "Check" with "Pedantic = true" is successful (so the library should be completely compatible to the Modelica 3.3 specification).
  • "Check with Simulation" is successful.
  • The tests have a class coverage of 100 % (that is every class of the library is utilized in at least one test).
  • The results of the test models have been either manually checked, or compared with results of the Modelica_LinearSystems.Controller or the Modelica.Blocks.Discrete library.

The library has also been tested with the MapleSim Standalone Modelica parser (so also another Modelica tool deduces that the library is fully compliant to Modelica).