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This information is part of the Modelica Standard Library maintained by the Modelica Association.

Version 3.2.3, 2019-01-23
  • Fixed propagation of excitation leakage factor, see #2403
  • Added model of electrical excited synchronous machines, starting direct on line, see #2388
  • Unified communication interval, see #2279
  • Unified simulation tolerances, see #2278
  • Added more examples from Machines.Examples, see #2276
  • Replace wrong permeance image in documentation according to #2208
  • Added obsolete annotation to SymmetricMultiPhaseCageWinding_obsolete and SaliencyCageWinding_obsolete, see #1536
  • Updated documentation of Short, Idle and PermanentMagnet
  • Added new components:
  • Removed parameter text from icon layer for reluctance and permeance model
  • Restructured cage models with reluctance instead of inductance model according to ticket #1536; the re-structuring of the model required to change the initial conditions of the included examples, since the number of rotor states is reduced by new implementation
  • Some more bug fixes according to #1226, since not all reference orientations have been correct
  • Added variables for magnitude and argument of complex magnetic potential difference and flux, see #1405
Version 3.2.1, 2013-07-31
  • Bug fix of wrong orientation of squirrel and damper cage models, see ticket #1226; this also includes the removal of the rotor cage heat sensor which previously has been used
  • Bug fix of conditional initialization of examples, see ticket #1223
  • Fixed missing default parameter TpmOperational in ambient of PM synchronous machine, see ticket #1216#1216
  • Added voltages, currents, complex flux and magnetic potential difference as global variables in polyphase converter
  • Added two more component examples, showing the equivalent nature of electrical and magnetic domain
Version 2.0.0, 2013-03-10
  • Corrected wrong parameter descriptions, see ticket #1003
  • Extended machine models towards phase numbers to greater or equal than three, see ticket #990
Version 1.7.3, 2013-02-25
  • Corrected wrong parameter description
Version 1.7.2, 2011-06-28
  • Corrected bug in calculation of core conductance in SymmetricPolyphaseWinding: the wrong calculation G=(m/2)*GcRef/effectiveTurns^2 is now replaced by G=(m/2)*GcRef*effectiveTurns^2
Version 1.7.1, 2010-09-03
Version 1.7.0, 2010-05-31
  • Changed symmetric polyphase winding model
  • Added rotor core loss parameters in induction machine with slip rings
  • Renamed heat ports of single-phase winding and symmetric polyphase winding
  • Relocated core losses between zero inductor and stray reluctance model in the magnetic domain
  • Renamed instances of stator and rotor (winding) models in each machines
  • Added magnetic potential sensor
  • Removed state selections
  • Updates due to changed loss variable and heat port names in Electrical.Machines
  • Added machine specific output records to summarize power and loss balance
  • Updated images of Users Guide
  • Improved performance due to annotation(Evaluate=true) added to the parameters of the single-phase winding
  • Reduced number of states in symmetric cage model by introducing an additional non-grounded star connection
Version 1.6.0, 2010-05-05
Version 1.5.0, 2010-04-28
  • Added stator core, friction, stray load and brush losses to all machine types based on loss models of the Machines library.
  • Changed parameter of EddyCurrent model from R to G
  • Fixed wrong sign of internal quantity tauElectrical, model behavior does not change
  • Rewrote equations of electromagnetic coupling to look more elegant
Version 1.4.0, 2010-04-22
  • Added eddy current model in accordance to FluxTubes library
  • Added thermal heat port to eddy current model
  • Minor updates due to dependencies of Machines
Version 1.3.0, 2010-02-26
  • Changed some icon references
  • Added state selections for the machine models
  • Restructured partial machine model
  • Added copyright information
Version 1.2.0, 2010-02-17
Version 1.1.0, 2010-02-15
  • Added thermal connectors and temperature dependent resistances
Version 1.0.0, 2010-02-04
  • Integrated the library into the MSL
Version 0.4.0, 2009-10-29
  • Corrected bug in magnetic potential calculation
Version 0.3.0, 2009-10-28
  • Renamed number of turns and winding angles
Version 0.2.0, 2009-10-20
  • Added idle model
Version 0.1.0, 2009-07-22
  • First version based on the concept of the FluxTubes library and the Magnetics library of Michael Beuschel [Beuschel00]