Library to model 1-dimensional, rotational mechanical systems

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Components for 1D rotational mechanical drive trains


Sensors to measure variables in 1D rotational mechanical components


Sources to drive 1D rotational mechanical components


Connectors and partial models for 1D rotational mechanical components


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This information is part of the Modelica Standard Library maintained by the Modelica Association.

Library Rotational is a free Modelica package providing 1-dimensional, rotational mechanical components to model in a convenient way drive trains with frictional losses. A typical, simple example is shown in the next figure:

For an introduction, have especially a look at:

In version 3.0 of the Modelica Standard Library, the basic design of the library has changed: Previously, bearing connectors could or could not be connected. In 3.0, the bearing connector is renamed to "support" and this connector is enabled via parameter "useSupport". If the support connector is enabled, it must be connected, and if it is not enabled, it must not be connected.

In version 3.2 of the Modelica Standard Library, all dissipative components of the Rotational library got an optional heatPort connector to which the dissipated energy is transported in form of heat. This connector is enabled via parameter "useHeatPort". If the heatPort connector is enabled, it must be connected, and if it is not enabled, it must not be connected. Independently, whether the heatPort is enabled or not, the dissipated power is available from the new variable "lossPower" (which is positive if heat is flowing out of the heatPort). For an example, see Examples.HeatLosses.

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