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This information is part of the Modelica Standard Library maintained by the Modelica Association.

Version 0.87, 2004-06-23

  • Included in Modelica standard library 2.0 Beta 1 with the new block connectors. Changed all the references to the block connectors and the Logical library correspondingly.

Version 0.86, 2004-06-20

  • New components "Alternative" and "Parallel" for alternative and parallel execution paths.
  • A step has now a vector of input and output connectors in order that multiple connections to and from a step are possible
  • Removed components "AlternativeSplit", "AlternativeJoin", "ParallelSplit" and "ParallelJoin" since the newly introduced components ("Alternative", "Parallel", vector connectors of steps) have the same modeling power but are safer and more convenient.
  • Removed the timer in a step (attach instead Logical.Timer to the "active" port of a "StepWithSignal" component). Note, that in most cases it is more convenient and more efficient to use the built-in timer of a transition.
  • Component "StepInitial" renamed to "InitialStep".
  • New component "Timer" within sublibrary Logical.
  • Updated and improved documentation of the library.

Version 0.85, 2004-06-17

  • Renamed "MacroStep" to "CompositeStep" and the ports of the MacroStep from "abort" to "suspend" and "history" to "resume".
  • Nested "CompositeStep" components are supported, based on the experimental feature of nested inner/outer components introduced by Dymola. This means that CompositeSteps can be suspended and resumed at every level.
  • New example "Examples.ShowExceptions" to demonstrate the new feature of nested CompositeSteps.
  • New package "Logical". It contains all components of ModelicaAdditions.Blocks.Logical, but with new block connectors and nicer icons. Additionally, logical blocks are also added.
  • Improved icons for several components of the StateGraph library.

Version 0.83, 2004-05-21

  • The "abort" and "history" connectors are no longer visible in the diagram layer of a CompositeStep since it is not allowed to connect to them in a CompositeStep.
  • Made the diagram/icon size of a CompositeStep smaller (from 200/-200 to 150/-150).
  • Improved icons for "SetBoolean/SetInteger/SetReal" components.
  • Renamed "ParameterReal" to "SetRealParameter".

Version 0.82, 2004-05-18

Implemented a first version that is provided to other people.