Version 1.0 -> Version 2.0 (September 13, 2007)

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SystemDynamics 2.0 constitutes a completely reworked release of the SystemDynamics library. This version is based in part on Version 1.0, and in part on a different and independently created version of a System Dynamics library for Dymola/Modelica, a version that had been developed by Prof. Cellier and his students at the University of Arizona, and had been around in a much reduced form since 2001. That version of SystemDynamics was coded in Dymola 4.0 and was without documentation. The sample programs were stored in separate files. That version was strictly meant to be used by Dr. Cellier's students.

  • Conversion from Dymola 4.0: The library has been upgraded to the current graphical interface of Dymola 6.1.
  • Documentation: Appropriate documentation has been added to all modules.
  • Examples: An enhanced set of examples has been added to the library for improved documentation.