Project Properties

Project properties are an advanced mechanism for modifying the behavior of a project that contains Mathematica material. They can be set on any type of project. This is useful because they allow mixed types of projects that contain Mathematica and other languages such as Java. To access the project properties, you must select a project and right-click to get the context menu, as shown below.

Project Properties

From the panel that opens, you can select Mathematica. This brings up the properties inspector, as shown below.

Mathematica Properties

This allows you to set different types of properties for your project.

Mathematica Project Nature and Builder

The Mathematica project nature sets the project to be recognized by the Workbench as a Mathematica project. In addition, the Mathematica project builder sets up various useful features, such as adding TODO tasks to the Tasks view and error checking. Typically, you would want to have the Mathematica project nature and builder set for your project. The checkbox shows whether they have been added for your project. If not, you can use the checkbox.

If your project was built with the New Project wizard, it will already have the Mathematica project nature and builder set. However, if you have imported a project from some other location, you may wish to add them.

Execution Build Command

The execution build command is a Mathematica command executed whenever a Mathematica project is launched. In addition, after the launch, when a Mathematica source file is modified and saved, the command is run. To set up the execution build command, open the project properties, enter the command in the text area, and click OK.

If the execution build command is not set, then the Workbench will carry out automatic file loading when the project is launched. It will also load any source file that is modified and saved.

This is discussed in depth in the section on launch initialization.

Other Settings

Other features for your project can be set by opening the tree expander that appears in the left-hand column of the Project Properties dialog box. From here you can set the Mathematica location for your project. In addition, you can set various project paths to modify the operation of your project.