Run/Debug Configuration

The general way to start a run or debug session is to select a file and then right-click, choosing the Run As or the Debug As menu and selecting Mathematica. How this interacts with Mathematica is described in the section on launching.

The Wolfram Workbench actually uses or creates a launch configuration each time. This section describes how you can use the launch configuration functionality.

Launch Configuration Buttons

The launch configuration buttons are found on the main toolbar: the run button appears as and the debug button appears as . If you click on one of these, the Workbench will carry out a launch on the notebook file or a test file that is currently selected. If the current selection is a folder or a file that cannot be launched, the Workbench will create a notebook for the project. An example is shown below.

Project Notebook

You can use this notebook for testing and developing your code, just like any notebook in your project.

Launch Configuration Selection

Next to the debug or the run buttons there is a down arrow . If you click on this, a menu appears. The following shows the menu for the debug button.

Debug Choices

The top of the menu shows recent launches; you can select one of these and that launch will be restarted. The lower part has a number of choices: the Debug Configurations... choice opens up a debug configurations dialog as shown below.

Debug Configuration

(Note that this can also be reached from the Run menu.)

The debug configurations dialog manages debug launch configurations for a number of different languages and applications. The Wolfram Workbench section shows those set up to work with Mathematica. You can select one of these configurations and that launch will be restarted. The toolbar provides buttons to let you create a launch, Create Launch, duplicate a launch, Duplicate Launch, and delete a launch, Delete Launch.

Mathematica Launch Configuration Tabs

When a Mathematica launch configuration is selected, the debug configurations dialog shows a number of tabs. These let you configure the core details, the Mathematica installation, and the connection.