Working with Legacy Versions of Mathematica

The Wolfram Workbench works with a variety of different versions of Mathematica; most of the features, such as launching and debugging, work with Mathematica 5.2 and higher. This section reviews some details of working with different versions.

Usage Information

The usage information, which is shown in code hover, is all extracted from the default version of Mathematica. This is set with the installation management system.

Run and Debug Launch with 5.2

If you want to carry out a run or debug launch using Mathematica 5.2 with a Linux, Macintosh, or Unix version, then you will need to change the connection protocol used. This is because in Mathematica 5.2 the default protocol was only present in the Windows version. If you are working with any version higher than 5.2 there is no need for any change.

You can change the connection protocol used from the connection tab of the run configuration system.