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New Features of webMathematica

webMathematica 3.0

Interactive Tools

Expression Language and Custom Tags

Queueing System

Support for Wolfram Workbench

Web Services

New Logging System

Improved Kernel Monitor

Improved Kernel Interaction


Classic webMathematica Technology Dropped


A new configuration system based on a single XML file, MSPConfiguration.xml, is now supported. The name of the security configuration file is now called SecurityConfiguration.m.

webMathematica 2.3

webMathematica 2.2

Support for Mathematica 5.1

Database Connectivity

Client Web Services

webMathematica 2.1

webMathematica 2.0

Support for Mathematica 4.2

Simplified Installation

Extended Documentation and Examples

New Templating Mechanism Based on JSP Custom Tags

A new HTML templating mechanism based on JSP custom tags has been added. This is now the preferred mechanism for using webMathematica. The mechanism is easier to understand, it allows the use of other JSP custom tag libraries, and it facilitates the integration of webMathematica into other server applications.

MathML, SVG, and XML Support

Support for the XML applications, MathML and SVG, is built into webMathematica 2.0. In addition it can make use of the new XML processing tools that are available in Mathematica 4.2.

Support for Catching Message and Print Output

Support for HTTP File Upload

New functions are provided to support HTTP file upload. This is an important way to submit information to a webMathematica web server.

Support for HTTP Session Variables

New functions are provided for saving material in an HTTP session stored in the server. This can be useful for saving results from one computation to another.

HTML Formatting Functions

New functions are provided for formatting results into HTML.


Location of Security Configuration File

Location of MSP.conf