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Specific Problems

Problems Running the Kernel

Problems Running the Front End

Problems Testing Xvnc (Unix only)

As described in the section on installation, it is typical to run a virtual frame buffer X server, Xvnc, to run the Mathematica front end. If this does not seem to be running correctly (e.g. graphics do not work), you can query the running of the frame buffer by using the vncviewer utility.

Problems Testing Xvfb (Unix only)

Images Do Not Work

Mathematica Packages and Applications

If you find that you have problems using functions from Mathematica packages or applications, then study the section on Mathematica Packages and Applications. A problem may occur if you try to use code that does not use the Mathematica package format, since the postprocessing code for each request will remove any symbols in the default context.

Kernel Initialization

If you make definitions for symbols that are in the default context with the KernelInitializeCode configuration setting, they will be cleared and the symbols removed by the postprocessing code for each request. This also applies to packages that are loaded from the KernelInitializeCode and that are not written in the Mathematica package format to make proper use of contexts. Any definitions must use their own context for names. You can do this by prepending the name with a context (for example TestNameSpace`Compute) or by making appropriate use of BeginPackage[] and EndPackage[].
Another point about the use of the KernelInitializeCode parameter is that certain packages may require the front end in order to be initialized correctly. You can load these packages into webMathematica with Developer`UseFrontEnd; this is shown below.
Developer`UseFrontEnd[Needs[ "MyApplication`"]]

Vertical Alignment in Formatting

Timeout Problems


Cannot Load JLink`

NoClassDefFoundError: TryCatchFinally

NoClassDefFoundError: JLink Classes

NoSuchMethodError: KernelData