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Body[bnum, options] returns a SysBody data object that is used to define points and properties on a Mech body. After creation, the SysBody object is passed to SetBodies to alter the state of the current Mech model.
• The bnum is a positive integer index number that is used to reference the body after it has been incorporated into the current model with SetBodies.

• The following Modeler2D options can be given:

• The following Modeler3D options can be given:

• The Automatic setting for the options for Body has the effect of leaving the value of an option that has already been specified unchanged. Thus, running a command such as SetBodies[Body[bnum, Mass->M]] does not affect the current values of the other options for body bnum, or the current values of any options of any other bodies.
• Each of the option names for Body can also be used as a function head to retrieve the option setting.
• See also: Constraint, Force, Moment.

Further Examples

Load the Modeler2D package.

This adds two bodies to the model with points and inertia properties. Only the PointList option is meaningful for body 1, other options are ignored.

This changes the initial guesses for bodies 2 and 3 but leaves their other properties unchanged.

Any of the values assigned with Body options can be retrieved by using the option name as a function.

The defined points can be referenced in any MechanicalSystems geometry.