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SetBodies[bodies] incorporates the local coordinates, initial guesses, and inertia properties provided by the bodies into the current mechanism model. The bodies must be a list or sequence of SysBody data objects that are built by the Body function.

• If any of the SysBody objects received by SetBodies contains a PointList option, SetBodies automatically rebuilds the entire system of constraint expressions in the current model so that the changed coordinates are reflected in the current model.
• If none of the SysBody objects contains the PointList option, SetBodies only updates the necessary mass properties or initial guesses.
• See also: SetConstraints, SetLoads.

Further Examples

Load the Modeler2D package.

This adds two bodies to the model with points and inertia properties. Only the PointList option is meaningful for body 1, other options are ignored.

This changes the initial guesses for bodies 2 and 3 but leaves their other properties unchanged.

Any of the values assigned with Body options can be retrieved by using the option name as a function.

The defined points can be referenced in any MechanicalSystems geometry.

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