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SetLoads[loads] prepares the applied load vector and incorporates the given loads into the current model. Each of the loads must be a SysLoad data objects returned by a Mech load function.
SetLoads[] removes any existing loads from the current model.

• Loads applied to a body number that is not a member of the current model are ignored with a warning message.
• The following options can be given:

BuildMech->None can be used to prevent any equation building. If loads are given that contain local point numbers of points that are not yet defined, BuildMech is automatically set to None with a warning.
BuildMech can be set to None, Static, Kinematic, or Dynamic.
LambdaGuess can be set to a number, which is as the guess for all of the Lagrange multipliers, or a list of numbers equal in length to the number of degrees of freedom in the current model.
• See also: Force, Moment, SetBodies, SetConstraints.

Further Examples

Load the Modeler2D package and define a simple model.

With no arguments, SetLoads removes all the loads from the current model.

New loads can be applied directly to a model variable with Load.

The preceding was equivalent to applying an appropriate force and moment to the crank body.

See HelpModel2D.

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