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Force[bnum, axis, mag] returns a SysLoad data object that applies a force to body bnum of magnitude mag along the specified axis.
Force[bnum1, bnum2, ... ] applies the force to body bnum1 and also applies a force in the opposite direction to body bnum2.

• After creation, the SysLoad object is passed to SetLoads to alter the state of the current Mech model.
• The following options can be given:

Magnitude->Relative causes the magnitude of the applied force to be equal to the specified mag times the length of axis.
• See also: Body, Gravity, Load, Moment.

Further Examples

Load the Modeler3D package and define a simple model.

Here we apply a force and a moment to the crank and look at the resulting loads applied to each model variable. Because we are using Euler parameters the moment is applied in Euler parameter space.

If we switch to global angular coordinates, then the same force and moment will result in the simplest possible load vector.

In local angular coordinates the applied moment must be transformed because it was specified in global coordinates.

If we redefine the moment in local coordinates, the resulting load vector again requires no transformation.

See HelpModel3D.

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