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Load[sym, mag] returns a SysLoad data object that applies a load of magnitude mag directly to coordinate sym.

• After creation, the SysLoad object is passed to SetLoads to alter the state of the current Mech model.
• The Load function is used to add expressions directly to the model's load vector without any coordinate transformation so that loads may be applied directly to generalized coordinates.
• For example, if a coordinate len in a model represented the distance between two points, Load[len, 2] would apply a two-unit force tending to separate the two points.
• If the Angular solution method is current in a Modeler3D model, Load can be used to apply a moment directly to an angular velocity coordinate. In this case the setting of Coordinates solution method also effects the result.
• If the Euler solution method is current in a Modeler3D model, Load can be used to apply a load directly to the Euler coordinates only.
• For example, if the Angular, Local solution method is current, Load[CapitalOmegax2, 3] applies a 3 unit moment to body 2 directed along the local X axis.
• See also: Constraint, Force, Gravity, Moment.

Further Examples

Load the Modeler2D package and define a simple model.

With no arguments, SetLoads removes all the loads from the current model.

New loads can be applied directly to a model variable with Load.

The preceding was equivalent to applying an appropriate force and moment to the crank body.

See HelpModel2D.

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