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PointList is an option for Body that is used to specify a list of local point coordinates on a body.
PointList->{{x1, y1}, {x2, y2}, ... , {xn, yn}} (2D) or PointList->{{x1, y1, z1}, ... , {xn, yn, zn}} (3D) specifies n points on the body that are referenced by their point numbers 1 through n.
PointList[bnum, lpnt] returns the local coordinates of point lpnt on body bnum.
PointList[bnum] returns a list of all the point coordinates on body bnum.

• If no points are specified for a body, no default values are set for the points; unspecified points are not set to zero.
• The specified list replaces any points that are currently defined on the body. Thus PointList->{} removes all points currently on the body.
• Referencing a point number of a point that has not been specified generates an error.
• The default setting PointList->Automatic leaves the current points table unchanged.
• See also:
InitialGuess, SetBodies.

Further Examples

Load the Modeler2D package and define a simple model.

Here are the defined local points on the link body. They can be referenced by their index numbers in any point or vector object.

Local point coordinates may be symbolic.

See HelpModel2D.

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