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CutOff is an option for Force (and Moment in Modeler3D) that specifies a cutoff value for the magnitude of an applied load.
• If CutOff is nonzero, the magnitude of the load drops to one half of the specified magnitude when the length of the direction vector of the load is equal to CutOff, and the magnitude of the load drops to zero when the length of the direction vector is zero.

CutOff makes the magnitude of the applied force or moment equal to (mag LeftBracketingBarvecRightBracketingBar) / (cutoff + LeftBracketingBarvecRightBracketingBar), which is approximately equal to mag for LeftBracketingBarvecRightBracketingBar GreaterGreater cutoff.
• A very small positive number is normally specified for CutOff so that divide by zero errors will not occur if the length of the line of action goes to zero.
CutOff has no effect if
Magnitude->Relative is also given.

Further Examples

Load the Modeler2D package.

Create a load object for body 2 with a cutoff magnitude of 0.001. Note that the denominators in the resulting expressions cannot become zero.

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