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CylindricalToXYZ[{radius, angle, altitude}] converts the given point from cylindrical to Cartesian coordinates and returns {x, y, z}.

CylindricalToXYZ accepts the Coordinates option to specify the relationship between the two coordinate systems. By default, altitude is measured in the Z direction and an angle of zero puts the point in the Y = 0 plane. Coordinates->YZX causes altitude to be measured in the X direction, and so on.
• More complicated coordinate reorientations require a rotation matrix.
• See also: SphericalToXYZ, XYZ, XYZToCylindrical, XYZToSpherical, ZXY.

Further Examples

Load the Modeler3D package.

Here is a vector in Cartesian coordinates converted to cylindrical.

Here it is converted back to Cartesian, but with a different ordering of x, y, and z.

Here is a vector in spherical coordinates converted to Cartesian.

Converting this back to spherical coordinates yields something that requires a few assumptions to be reduced to its original form.

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