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Direction[vector] returns the direction vector of vector in global coordinates.
Direction[axis] returns the direction vector of the specified axis.
vector may be a simple vector or a Mech vector object with head
Vector, Line, or Plane (3D).

Direction[bnum, lpnt] is interpreted as Direction[Vector[bnum, lpnt]].
• Other Direction[args, ... ] instances are interpreted as Direction[Line[args]].
Mech's overloading of the built-in Direction symbol has no effect on its usage in other Mathematica code.
• See also:
Angle, Location, Magnitude, Unit.

Further Examples

Load the Modeler2D package.

Direction returns the direction vector of any Mech geometry object that has the property of having a direction.

Magnitude returns the length of the direction vector of a Mech vector object, taking advantage of some simplifications.

Similarly, Unit takes advantage of the fact that the magnitude of the vector is not a function of the coordinate system that the vector is expressed in. If the vector is already expressed in global coordinates, then such simplifications are not possible.

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