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• In Modeler2D, Angle[vector] returns the direction angle of vector relative to the global X axis.
Angle is also an option for
Bar, Revolve, Sphere, Torus, and Wheel to specify the range of the revolution angle. Angle->{a, b} revolves the object from a to b radians.

• In Modeler2D, Angle[bnum, lpnt] is interpreted as Angle[Vector[bnum, lpnt]].
• Other Angle[args, ...] instances are interpreted as Angle[Line[args]].
Angle->number is equivalent to Angle->{0, number}.
• The default setting is Angle->{0, 2Pi}.
• See also:
Direction, Faces, ProjectedAngle, Rotation.

Further Examples

Load the Modeler2D package and define a simple model.

Here is the direction angle of the local Y axis of the link body.

See HelpModel2D.

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