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RelativeVelocity[bnum, point] returns the velocity of point, relative to body bnum, in global coordinates.
RelativeVelocity accepts the
Coordinates option to determine whether to return the result in Global or body Local coordinates.

• The default option setting is Coordinates->Global.
RelativeVelocity is a generalization of the
Velocity function that can return the velocity of a point relative to some reference frame other than the global reference frame.
RelativeVelocity[1, point] is identical to Velocity[point].
• See also: Acceleration, Location.

Further Examples

Load the Modeler2D package and define a simple model.

Here is an expression representing the velocity vector of a point at {0, 5} on the crank with respect to an instantaneously coincident point on the link.

Here is the relative velocity expressed in the local coordinate system of the link.

See HelpModel2D.

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